Development – All About Opportunities & Experiences

How does development happen? In my opinion, development in little ones is all about the opportunities they get to experience.
Here, I wish to highlight the word “Opportunity”. For many of us, the opportunity might sound like something offered on a special platter. Well, opportunity, in simple words, is merely a chance we get or take.

Let us consider the number of opportunities little ones get to accomplish their developmental milestones in the first 2 years. How many opportunities do they get to learn how to crawl, sit, stand or walk? I don’t think anyone even bothered to keep an account of them. Everyone just enjoys the self-learning process of the little ones and give them the required opportunities to master each one of them.

What about introducing a particular dish to the little ones the first time and the dish being rejected? Here again, almost everyone would give them more opportunities at regular intervals to taste before they could finally understand their liking/ disliking of that particular dish. At times, the dish is modified too to see if that is preferred/ liked by them.

Can you now relate development with opportunities/ experiences?

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