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Funtaskstick curriculum has been devised after an in-depth understanding of the way a 3–6-year-old kid processes the concepts taught and aims at bringing a uniform base to the teaching pattern which would essentially be based on the methodology of opportunities and experiences.

Funtaskstick helps to bridge the learning gaps in the formative years. It guides the parents on how to help little ones understand the concepts.

The voiceover in the modules explains the concepts in the simplest of ways. The navigation through the slides is also very simple. All this can be done at a pace that’s suitable for every child. In addition to the modules, parents can reach out to us to get acquainted with the various ways of experiential, play-way learning methodology that can build a strong foundation for the little ones.

Schools can adopt the Funtaskstick curriculum to add a new and effective dimension to the online/offline teaching methodology.

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