Let learning not just be based on
pre-defined methods in the books.
Let learning be all-pervasive.

Our learning methodology should help children equip, develop and enhance their comprehensibility levels and skills so that whatever they learn remains with them forever.

Our Beliefs

Children learn in different ways

Every child is unique. Hence, a rigidly designed teaching/ learning approach does not work with everyone. A child may not take interest in academics but might love doing physical activities or engaging in art activities. Subjects should be integrated to bring out the best in every child. Also, it might create suitable circumstances for a few to explore their potential beyond the syllabus-defined territory.

Children are excellent imitators

Children often repeat what they see the special people in their lives do. They learn a number of skills ranging from language and communication to social skills by imitating. Children do what they see. They are better imitators than listeners. If we expect them to be open and enthusiastic to learning, we have to show them the way by displaying enthusiasm. Hence, it is imperative that we set an example for what is expected of them.

Children should be taught to practice awareness

Another important lesson for life is being aware of all words and actions. Learning should not just be a process of mindless memorization. Mindful learning and awareness help enhance comprehending skills to a great extent.

Children need to be encouraged and appreciated for all their accomplishments

Appreciation works like a magic wand, especially among children. It helps them develop a sense of belonging and a feeling of being important. It helps boost their confidence and self-esteem. It motivates them to do even better. Hence, every accomplishment, big or small, should be appreciated. It is the self-progress that needs to be assessed.

Children are born with immense abilities to observe, imagine, perceive, discover and grasp. A lot of self-learning happens from the time the child is in the mother’s womb. After birth, the milestones achieved by the little ones till the time they show visible signs of comprehensibility and communication are the result of observation and self-learning.

Learning should nurture the inborn capabilities the little ones are bestowed with. They deserve a strong foundation that’ll make their learning journey, formally included, smooth.

Children are introduced to writing and reading in a structured way. Hence, many children do not face any problem in reading or writing throughout their lives. But when it comes to understanding concepts (Maths/Science) or life skills, children suddenly find themselves flooded with them one after the other without any time to understand and relate.

Hence, it is essential that we bridge the gap by introducing concepts and important life skills from the beginning of the academic journey rather than wait for the children to attain a particular age and bombard them with such topics one after the other without allowing the concepts to evolve within them. Of course, the details and difficulty level of the topics should be age-appropriate.

This early introduction to the journey will give sufficient time for children to develop an understanding of the topics in a better way. This will instill confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and most importantly a passion for learning.

Learning Made Better and Simple

Learning through interaction and engagement 

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