When the little one starts crawling

I do hope that you agree with my viewpoint in the earlier post that development is all about the opportunities the little ones get to experience.

In this post, I wish to bring something else also to everyone’s notice.
Once the little one starts crawling, the little one’s inquisitive mind starts exploring its environment. Gradually, the little one starts crawling to pick up objects/ toys at a distance. Few parents, who believe in self-learning, help the little one to push itself a little more to explore its potential.

As soon as the little one comes near the object/ toy, the parent would place it a little ahead and see what happens. On certain occasions, the little one tirelessly goes that extra mile willingly every single time. And sometimes, gets tired of trying and takes a break. There are parents who would help the little one explore its potential a bit. So, probably after putting the toy/ object away for 2-3 times, they would allow the child to have it.

And then there are protective parents who make things easier, put the object/ toy right in front of the little one. The little one feels delighted. And after a few days of such parental help, the little one becomes very smart by way of self-learning. Instead of crawling and picking up things independently, it demands that the object/ toy be handed over to him without making any effort.

The same applies to the teaching methodology too. Readymade answers, pre-defined methods, and providing solutions even before a question is registered and understood in the child’s mind will only deprive children of opportunities to experience and evolve their unique responses.

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